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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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flames and fear. people forced to run for their lives as a building is devoured by fire. >> an unusual seminar designed
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57-year-old peter sukor bludgeoned to death at his home. >> people jumped all over police for not getting there in time to save his life. >> the motorcycle of public turned into something else tonight. >> the police tried to correct misconceptions to what happened that night. lisa amin gulezian is live with the story. >> officials spent an hour here answering questions what happened when a berkeley man called police for help and then
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murdered a short time later. >> tonight's meeting did not start out the way organizers had hoped. >> this is not the forum. >> what it then? >> they invited law enforcement and the public to a question and answer session to talk about what happened february 18th, night peter sucor was plunge bludgeoned to death in his own driveway. they diagnosed a man that was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia with the crime. >> this was a unique isolated incident. >> they clarified the time line of events that night. public reports that police failed to respond because of an occupy march pulled their resources is false. he insists city staffers acted
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appropriately. >> we have found no evidence of anything that could have changed or people knew what was going to happen in the future. we don't know that could have been prevented. >> they say he made a non-emergency call saying a suspicious person was on his property. an officer was not kneeled sent to the house because of lack of emergency. then at 9:01 a call came in from the wife as he was being attacked. they had mixed reaction with the information. >> i am supporting the police, did you dispatch is in trouble. i've had nothing but trouble over the years. tonight, the suspect is still in custody. his mental competency is still being evaluated.
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staying in berkeley, several dozen people had to be evacuated from a raging apartment building fire this morning. the building is located near the south end on dwight way between telegraph and shattuck where the ama is there tonight. >> fortunately there are no injuries to talk about tonight but it caused a million dollars of damage to three-story building behind me. about 50 people had to be evacuated. >> i looked right behind me and see a blazing fire. it looked ferocious. >> the student awoke to smoke and fire when the apartment fire became engulfed in flames early this morning. >> i grabbed my books and headed to the door. >> the only thing, i got my laptop since i've had in tenth grade. >> you are looking at amateur video of the fire shot by a neighbor.
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fire department believes the fire was accidental and started in a water heater closet. it took about four hours to fight because the roof collapsed. they managed to contain the flames in one building but what is left is unsafe. >> they are concerned it's going to fall on building or one of the other neighboring buildings around here. >> so the surrounding structures have been yellow-tagged means they are unsafe to live in for now. but they were able to go back and left get what they left behind. >> we got suitcases, clothes, books, anything that i think we would need for the next four on five days. >> important things like a hole puncher. >> you have to stay organized during the time of chaos. >> organic chemistry had already been saved. >> when i ran out i was holding like this, i had a bunch of folders. >> this is one book. >> the roommates are thankful no one was hurt in the fire but
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they hope it served as a warning >> i hope it's to look out for the property and tenants because things like this can happen. >> he says the buildings are very old and need to be better taken care of. the two roommates are staying with friend next couple of days but red cross is helping assist residents to get into temporary housing. in berkeley, "abc 7 news." >> the commander in of the california national guard says his force should grow larger, not smaller as the pentagon is planning in a budget move. the air force announced it will eliminate 6,000 international the guard jobs and unspecified numbers at travis. but commander says it would be a shame to waste air crew's experience and readiness which he says is at an all time high. >> a san leandro man could spend
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two years in jail for telling a crew that he did not commit. he was found guilty of battery on a police officer but he claims that was almaden county sheriffs officer that beat him out. >> i came out here with my cellphone. i'm popping picture of the passenger and he throws his hand in front of his face and he swings the door open and i start backing up and he is i'm going to show you the full extent of the law. >> he insists that investigators never showed him an i.d. or badge and trying to is verify who they were because police impersonators have been robbing people in the neighborhood. the california corrections department is doling out $602 million in state bond money to 11 counties for building new jails or expanding old ones. that is to make room of 30,000 inmates to be transferred out of
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state prisons and put in county facilities. corrections department has awarded $1.2 billion to 22 counties. none of the counties awarded grants are in the bay area. tense moments at alameda county courthouse when a group of protestors tried to disrupt the sale of a foreclosed home. about hundred demonstrators shouted and banged drums and rattled noise makers to drown out the voice of the auctioneer. they were to support the community activist who has been trying to get a loan modification for two years. they tried to find a quiet spot conduct the sale but he was constantly hounded by the group. >> they are trying to sell my home so i am taking a drastic step to stop them. >> after an hour of trying, they gave up and postponed the sale until tomorrow. the protestors vowed to return and disrupt the auction again.
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>> there has been a arrest in the san jose beating that begin as a hate crime investigation. 21-year-old man assaulted his alleged victim after almost being hit by his car in a lucky store parking lot. this is serviced of it happening. they say he confronted the driver, an indian american. he hit the man with a bottle because he thought he was reaching for a weapon. a sewage spill has closed down a popular beach on the monterey peninsula. a section of beach after 800 gallons of sewage flowed into a tributary that runs into the beach. sewage overflowed from a manhole in pebble beach. beach at sun set drive will stay closed until tests show that it meets guidelines. >> the oakland radio evangelist who warned the world would end last may 21 is calling his
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prediction incorrect. he posted a message on the ministries website says he has learned a painful lesson. he added he has no new evidence points to go another doomsday date. >> coming up, the video that is setting out to change the world. >> we want him captured and alive for the trial. >> fast growing international campaign to bring an african warlord to justice. >> also the biggest solar storm in years in years. >> and seminar in the bay area for people who have a hard time getting a date. all that is coming up in our "nightline". >> and coming up next in "nightline" we go deep inside the secret rule of citizens living on the edge of society. there may be more of them than you think. thus, dionne warwick speaks for
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it puts the spotlight on joseph kony and quickly went viral with 43 million hits in four days. here is cecilia vega. >> it's a stunning youtube sensation, a viral video with an unusual mission, to bring down one of africa's most ruthless warlords. >> we going to make joseph kony a household name. >> he is the leader of an army that has terrorized uganda forcing thousands of girls to become sex slaves and young boys to kill. behind the movie is called invisible children. >> we want him captured and alive for the trial as an international criminal court. >> the film urged viewers to call, e-mail, tweet, 32 policymakers. the idea so to create a celebrity army to enlist more supporters and it worked. video was posted on u-tube
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monday, then tuesday filmmakers say the oprah effect clicked in and then the clicks skyrocketed passing 25 million mark sweeping past 38 million today. >> just a half an hour of your life, watch the video. >> 4% of all treats was about kony's crime. >> i'm aware of it. >> this movie is not without critics. some say the guerilla army is still dangerous but no longer terrorizing uganda and they have 100 special forces. and they are raising questions about the faith based group behind the movie and whether the money is going directly to the children of uganda. >> we do spend money on our films and we are proud of that. we are not ashamed of that.
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>> his mission is simple. nothing is more powerful than idea whose time is come. >> dan: it look like the earth dodged a bullet beird by the sun. magnetic eruptions released two huge bursts of live. two large solar flares and they could possibly disrupt communication but scientists say the storm is not large enough to cause that much trouble. still many are hoping for a glimpse of northern lights triggered by the solar storms. >> san francisco's zoo last andean bear has died. he lost the use of his back legs about a month ago and his health was not improving. wish bone is the third animal to die in the last few weeks at the zoo.
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a seal and rhino died last week. >> a popular artist went on off line. simple pickup took the stage for first live show finding love in a crazy place. group gained notoriety offering tips how to pick up women. so many people complained it was moved from a hall at cal to a restaurant. coordinator says they are helping men and women. >> first of all we are entertainers. whole goal is to entertain people but the underlying message is about how to become all of a sudden become social enough to branch out into the world. >> they say the group goes too far. >> let's get a check on the forecast. sandhya patel is here. >> it doesn't get any better than this. we'll end the workweek very
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similar to where we were today. then things will start to change as we hit the weekend but it's not a dramatic change just yet. take a look at high temperatures. 73 in santa rosa. got up to 73 in santa cruz. warmest location was gilroy at 74 degrees. these temperatures good five to ten degrees above normal for this tile of year. 70 at half moon bay, livermore, oakland, 68 degrees in concord. if you like today's weather you will like tomorrow's weather. check out this cool shot. this is from high definition roof camera, time lapse of the waning moon, 99% full. crystal clear outside to where you can see this moon. just when i thought i had a cool view, take a look at this one. this is san carlos, just absolutely gorgeous. alex said he took this at 7:15. keep them coming. i would love to show your photos on the air. tonight we have clear skies
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except near the coast, few patches of fog that have formed. temperatures right now, ranging from 39 degrees in napa to 54 in oakland. it is going to be chilly again overnight. sunny and mild friday afternoon and wet pattern begins this weekend really sets up shop next week. here is the satellite and radar. it's a strong ridge that is in control of our weather. this ridge will provide us with another unseasonably mild day tomorrow. things are starting to change. this ridge of high pressure is going to weaken as we head into the next 24-48 hours. first front washes out on saturday. what it may do is produce a little drizzle but we're not expecting much out of it bringing a lot more cloud cover and more fog. then sunday next cold front brings us a slight chance of light showers on sunday, could
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produce snow in the sierra, nevada and then the next system will bring the rain-snow mix high country looks like rain as we head into the workweek next week. it's going to look a lot more like winter than spring. chilly 32 in napa. mid 30s in santa cruz. 38 in san rafael. 39 richmond. most locations around the bay low to mid 40s. tomorrow, 74 in antioch. temperatures are coming up a few degrees. san jose, santa rosa, 66 in san francisco and around the monterey bay, enjoy the sun, 75 in gilroy. seven-day forecast, mild tomorrow, cooler for the weekend slight chance of showers sunday and chance on monday and then, tuesday and through thursday so winter is coming back just as we get closer to spring. don't forget, spring forward at
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apple is facing trouble from the government. justice department is facing legal action against apple and five book publishers. they are accused of keeping prices high for e-books. justice department say they might vie latent antitrust laws by forcing prices higher like the kindle. they also face a class action lawsuit and investigations by the european union, as well. >> wells fargo may be closing some of its branches. move would consolidate some branches and on move banking employees into those offices. it could happen by the end of the year. facebook's time line is moving forward. few weeks to get used to new layout. they will switch over to time line on march 30th. , arnd all kinds of
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good evening. jorge carried cal all year long and after a dreadful night, gutierrez decided they were going to have some fun but jason randle making noise. 30 point performance. randle with 19. stanford was up early. that 3 is only hoop of the first half. andrew zimmerman, here it is the beard just before the half. clock winding down. aaron bright the floater to beat the buzzer. cardinals up, jorge erupts. inside with the foul but gutierrez finds his lost mojo in
11:29 pm
the second half. they are up by 5. 170 the bench. beard wouldn't go away, zimmerman stay adds fires. he had 22. cal scored the next points and bears hang on 77-71. so cal gets the winner of colorado versus oregon. 20 seconds left. andre with put back. bucks up one. here is the air ball. 63-62 bucks. they beat cal just over a week ago, cal will get colorado one more time tomorrow night in the semis. women's tournament, stanford over washington. cardinals will meet arizona state in the senis and cal moves to the semis. they face washington state tomorrow. >> to the ice, sharks were in dallas facing first place stars. this was the game the coach
11:30 pm
called the most important of the season. they are bringing it. here is one final seconds, look at tori mitchell with a move. scores 2-1 sharks. they are trying to hang on but thomas gets the puck to get it past him. and only goal of the shootout. most important moment and coach was denied by one. sharks lose mq but they pick up a single point. >> with a new stadium. earthquakes know the time to win is now. they open the 2012 season on saturday and host new england. chris is face of the franchise.
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quakes didn't make the playoffs last year and he says that has to change. >> every expectation, it's motivation and drive and work hard. >> when you get in the playoffs you can figure it out from there. that is goal of every team. >> a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the quake,000 season is and that is the toyota sports report. >> looks like they have a good team. >> "nightline" is next. >> keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter. >> check us out for all of us. thank you so much for watching. >> good night everyone. ♪
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